Rue Care Oil for Hemorrhoids Treatment

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Hemorrhoids - Piles Treatment

There are various hemorrhoids treatment options available on the market- from self care (home treatment), medical treatment for piles (fixative procedures) to natural treatment.

Self-Care - Home Remedy:

Sitz bath - recommended 3 times a day and after each bowel movement for at least 15 minutes. Sit in a few inches of warm water in a tub. Sitz bath lessens the swelling and the pain. After each bath thoroughly dry the skin around your rectum, so that it doesn't rub and become torn.

Over-the-counter medications - creams, ointment, and suppositories are sold as pain relievers and medicines for hemorrhoids - are of little help and sometimes might even extend the healing process.

Medical Treatment for Hemorrhoids - fixative procedures:

Most fixative procedures have few risks. Possible problems may include:

What are the risks of non treating hemorrhoids?

Without treatment discomfort, pain and bleeding may continue. Severe bleeding may cause anemia. You may have difficulties keeping the rectal area clean.

Natural Treatment

Rue Care Oil is a natural product for hemorrhoids treatment that provides painless, drug free and  immediate relief from hemorrhoid pain, stops bleeding, shrinks the hemorrhoids, strengthens the veins and brings long lasting results with no known side effects and loss of working hours.

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Rue Care Oil for Hemorrhoids Treatment