Rue Care Oil Testimonials

Great product = Happy people

I was suffering from hemorrhoids for many years, trying a variety of products... finally I came across the Rue Care Oil. Already after the first application I saw positive results, and after a week they were completely gone." - [J. Brady - UK]

Last spring I visited the Holy Land and since I was suffering from hemorrhoids a friend gave me a bottle of Rue Care Oil saying "Try it". Before the trip was over the hemorrhoids were gone. Later I learned on the Internet that Rue oil cures also varicose veins so I tried the rest of the bottle on some places and the veins shrank. Now I've ordered more to use it on the rest." - [M. Knoll - Germany]

Thank you for your fine product. I am pleased with the results that I am getting. I would like to order three more bottles (for a friend as well as for me) ... it is a pleasure to learn about a product that works and is available at a reasonable price." - [K.L. - US]

My husband has been suffering with these hemorrhoids on and off for over 30 years, however, this Rue Care Oil does what it says -- his hemorrhoids has shrunk and he is no longer bleeding. All of the herbal products he has taken all of these years have not worked this well that we can't believe he has found something that works because all of the other products suggested he take the product every day for the rest of his life. We will be a life long customer and will share your site with other sufferers we know." - [L.N. - TX, US]


I never write testimonials, but I guess that is because I've never tried ANYTHING that works as well as it claims. Your product not only works as well as you claim - it is ten times better. I never believed anything would work as well as Rue Care Oil. I had tried everything from prescriptions to sitz baths and nothing offered relief. Not only did the Rue Care Oil help with the uncomfortable symptoms right away, but my hemorrhoids have gone away and not returned in almost a year. My doctor was already talking about surgery options, so I'd have tried anything at that point. I will NEVER be without this product. I used to be real embarrassed about saying I had hemorrhoids, but I HAVE to tell people know, just so I can tell them about Rue Care Oil... I highly recommend Rue Care Oil and your website to anyone that stands still long enough." - [S.A. - TX, US]

I am not embarrassed to talk about hemorrhoids. Rue Care Oil saved my butt! Actually it saved my spirit because I was in severe pain for months. I've had hemorrhoids all my adult life, since college on. Last year I was in bed for close to two weeks with hemorrhoids so inflamed I had to stop eating so I wouldn't go to the bathroom. I did various natural treatments including energy work, therapy, acupuncture and nutritional changes in my diet. This all helped tremendously but I would still get very painful hemorrhoids that left me in bed for a day or two. Finally, I stumbled across Rue Care Oil while I was on the internet and decided it couldn't hurt to try, I had tried everything else! I have had such relief from using Rue Care Oil. I have shared it with friends and even mailed my sister my only bottle after she had her baby because the birth left her with many hemorrhoids. Now when I feel one coming I apply the oil and I never get the intense pain or hemorrhoid. My spirit is at peace because I am no longer in the physical pain that was chronic for so long. Thank you so much for the support you've given me allowing me to experience health, not only with supplying a great product but also with the customer service and communication you provide. You give some of the best customer service I've had, you are a true professional. I appreciate all that you do. Many thanks." - [S.B. - TN, US]

Thank you! I have received the Rue Care Oil. Amazing product. I can't begin to tell you how much relief I have! I also used a small amount on an Eczema condition and it seems to be working! I will be ordering another supply very soon. Thank you Thank you!" - [V.M.B. - BC, Canada]

It seems that the product you sell is powerful stuff because I phoned the recipient during the week end and it seems to have done the trick in three days; she was nearly weeping with joy. You cannot imagine how grateful I am to you because she was so worried, particularly since not a single one of the medicament her doctor had prescribed had worked. Many, many thanks for your support. You provide your company with the best customer service in the whole planet." - [A.M. - UK]

Change, like healing, takes time. - Veronica Roth, Allegiant.